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E56-Parental Burnout with Sean Grover - Parent Talk

December 17, 2018

Episode:E-56 Parental Burnout with Sean Grover
Guest(s):Sean Grover, Psychotherapist, Author, and Speaker

Today on ParentTalk, Geneviève and Heather are welcoming Sean Grover, Psychotherapist, Author, and Speaker, to talk to us about Parental Burnout.

We cover:

 • As a Psychotherapist, are you seeing a lot of Parental Burnout?
 • What does Parental Burnout look like?
 • Why might some parents not realize they have Parental Burnout and what are the symptoms?
 • What could be the impact be on our children?
 • What are the triggers to Parental Burnout and can we avoid them?
 • When should we seek help?