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E75 - Car Seat Safety with Holly Choi - Parent Talk

April 7, 2019

Episode: E 75- Car Seat Safety with Holly Choi

Guest(s): Car Seat Technician Holly Choi

Today on ParentTalk, Geneviève and Heather are welcoming Car Seat Technician Holly Choi from Safe Beginnings, to talk about Car Seat Safety. 

We cover:

 • Why car seat safety is so important.  

 • How we should select a car seat. 

 • Is it safe to use a used car seat?

 • What happens when a car seat has been in a car accident.

 • The safest place to install a car seat. 

 • Common mistakes people make when installing car seats. 

 • Switching your car seat from rear facing to front facing. 

 • The pinch test. 

 • When to use a booster seat and how long should our child stay in one. 

 • How to find a car seat technician.