E25 - Orthodontic Treatment - Parent Talk

June 25, 2018

Episode: No. 25 - Orthodontic Treatment

Guest(s): Dr. Jordan Millar, Orthodontist

Today Genevieve and Heather are welcoming Dr. Jordan Millar, Orthodontist, to talk about Orthodontic Treatments for the whole family. 


 • Dr. Millar informs us on the best time for a child to see an orthodontist.

 • She explains what a treatment with a single phase looks like in comparison to a treatment with two phases.

 • Dr. Millar discusses if and how soothers, thumb/finger sucking, and/or nail biting habits affect a child’s teeth.

 • How long are Orthodontic Treatments, their cost and how much discomfort and/or pain to expect?

 • What the difference is between Clear Aligners and Braces. Do clear aligners work? Can children or teens wear clear aligners?